3 Year Old Education Program


Welcome to the Good Shepherd Three Year Old Education Program.

This introduction aims to provide parents with information about the Three Year Old Education Program to help ensure a smooth start to your child’s schooling. We hope that this will give you an overall picture of our program. We believe Good Shepherd to be a special school where children’s love of learning is nurtured. Above all else, Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School is a Catholic school. As such, we seek to provide experiences and opportunities for all children to get to know and love Jesus. In order to successfully achieve this we need to work together to ensure that Jesus is very much a part of our daily living, both at home and at school.

Participation in the Three Year Old Education Program is not enrolment at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School. The official enrolment process starts for Kindergarten and a separate application must be made for this. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the school via the Contact Us button or call on 9495 1622.


Three Year Old Program Philosophy Aims:

• To promote as part of our Catholic school a warm, safe and happy environment for three year old children

• To provide a variety of experiences that develop and enhance children’s natural development through structured and unstructured play

• To provide a program that supports and accommodates various needs, interests and abilities.

Catholic Education Office of Western Australia-Guidelines Paragraph 7

”... To enhance the development of the whole child across the physical, social and emotional, language, cognitive and spiritual domains”


Our Goals

To promote positive school experiences for the children and families leading to a natural integration into Good Shepherd Life;

• Encourage self help and independence in young children through a stimulating and challenging environment leading to the development of positive self image

• To work and communicate with families as a team, encourage parent anticipation and to achieve common goals on behalf of the students

• To establish positive and cooperation relationships between student and teacher